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The Auld Sewing Club

The Auld Sewing Club allows its members to use The Auld Atelier space and equipment to develop their sewing skills, create their own projects under the guidance of their experienced coach, and - most importantly - sewcialise.


Why might you want to use the club sessions?

  • You haven't got the space to cut out your fabric or set up your sewing machine right now.

  • Your machine is in need of repair but you have an urgent project to complete.

  • You are still waiting to get a machine of your own but you are keen to use your sewing skills.

  • Or perhaps you'd prefer to attempt a new project with the reassurance of assistance on hand.

Image by Darling Arias

In situations like these, The Auld Sewing Club provides you with the perfect solution.  You can come along to the club and choose your own projects to complete.  This is your club to get as much out of as you choose. 

Club members must be able to work fairly independently.  You should be able to:

  • set up your machine

  • follow a simple pattern, though you may lack the confidence to attempt it alone or still have skills you are working on.

It's important to note that these are coached rather than taught sessions.  I will be on hand to give support and guidance, but the door will be open for people shopping or making enquiries, and there may be other people in for their own club sessions and coaching.  If you feel you need lessons first, please check out our Beginners Lessons page, or get in touch to see how I can best meet your needs.

Perhaps the most important thing to get out of The Auld Sewing Club is friendship, community and a shared goal.

To book a session in The Auld Sewing Club, please get in touch directly to arrange a mutually convenient time.

The Auld Sewing Club sessions are flexible.  You could:

  •  book the same time each week

  • book different times to suit your varied schedule

  • come along several times in one week then have a break for a few weeks

  • book individual sessions as and when you need them

Each session lasts 90 minutes.  However, if the studio is still open and your machine still available, you are welcome to continue.

Each session costs £15.

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