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Make for Maggie's Fundraiser

Saturday 1st April - Saturday 15th April
Thank you to all those who took part in this fundraiser.
The workshops and sponsorships are now closed.
We raised £750!

Last year, my family's life was turned upside down when my mum, Liz, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Although initially told that her cancer could be treated, sadly, a month later, we were told that it had already spread and was terminal.  With such difficult news to process, mum turned to Maggie's Forth Valley who were able to help her through that time.

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Registered Charity Number: SC024414

That's what Maggie's does.  Maggie’s  offer the best possible support free to anyone with cancer and their families who walk through their doors.  You’ll find their centres alongside NHS hospitals and they provide online support too.  In their centres, they help people take back control when cancer turns their life upside down, with professional support for anything from treatment side effects to money worries.

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Fortunately, several months later, we were told that the cancer actually hadn't spread, so she was able to have a lumpectomy in February.  Again, Maggie's were there to help her prepare.  As part of that, they gave her a heart shaped cushion to help after her surgery.  This was a cushion that had been handmade and donated to Maggie's Forth Valley so that someone like my mum could feel supported and cared for when they needed it most. 

Maggie's Forth Valley

Maggie's Glasgow

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