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Classes for Primary 5-7 Students

At The Auld Atelier studio in Paisley, near Glasgow, whether you've never touched a sewing machine before or you have a couple of projects under your belt but would like to develop your repertoire of techniques, we have a 6 week class to suit you. 

Every class is structured to:

  • build your knowledge

    • knowledge of techniques, and

    • knowledge of issues in the fashion industry, such as sustainability

  • develop a sample book of techniques which you will be able to refer back to in the future​

  • create a variety of projects to bring those techniques to life.  

Every block of classes builds to you creating a final garment.  You will be provided with a paper pattern to use in class and a digital file of your patterns if you want to make them again at home.

You will receive a workbook, sample book and memory stick on which you'll find all of your patterns, and calico fabric to make all of your projects except the final project which you will provide yourself.  Assistance will be given in class to select appropriate fabric.

The different levels of classes are linked below, but if you are uncertain of which class is most appropriate, please don't hesitate to get in touch so that we can work it out together.  

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